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Red m Note2: high cost performance phone
Category: Company news
Date: 2015-09-08
Click: 1316
Author: 佚名
At 10am this morning, the second round of the red Note 2 is available in stock. It is still a mobile version and a full-network version. The price starts from 799 yuan.Earlier, when Mr. Lei was promot...


At 10am this morning, the second round of the red Note 2 is available in stock. It is still a mobile version and a full-network version. The price starts from 799 yuan.

Earlier, when Mr. Lei was promoting the accident insurance on his microblog, he might have accidentally said that it was "free maintenance after broken screen and water", which caused dissatisfaction among many netizens. After realizing the problem, lei forwarded the message to reemphasize: "the red Note 2 exclusive 12-month unexpected insurance, we will replace it directly! ." According to the description on xiaomi's official website, accident insurance is an accident protection service for xiaomi's mobile phone. The screen is broken and replaced with a new screen free of charge. Among them, hongmi mobile phone is 59 yuan/year, xiaomi mobile phone is 4 99 yuan/year, xiaomi Note is 199 yuan/year, and hongmi Note 2 is only 29 yuan/year. At 29 yuan, it should be the lowest price in the industry. For every user who buys a red Note 2, it is worth buying.

Red rice Note 2 was widely attention due to its high cost performance, also it is equipped with a 5.5 -inch 1080 p screen, carrying mediatek Helio X10 8 core processor, built-in 2 gb memory and 16/32 gb fuselage storage space, provide a 5000000 megapixel front-facing camera and a 13000000 megapixel rear camera (support phase focus), battery capacity is 3060 mah, beautiful MIUI 7 system operation.

Red rice Note2 picked up a piece of 3060 mah removable battery, the battery life of the machine test, to see the time in standby, and occasionally open the screen, under the condition of electricity fell 6% in an hour, and when to play big games "real racing 3" 20 minutes phone fever phenomenon, not only the power also fell 13%, among them the whole test process screen brightness to the highest. In this way, the redmi Note2's battery life isn't much of a hit, but it's also a great way to keep most users on top of it.

The launch of the redmi Note2 means that xiaomi has entered the 1000-yuan market with a very competitive and cost-effective machine. Looking at the 1000-yuan market, xiaomi's competitors are not few, but all have strong fighting power.

However, from the perspective of configuration and MIUI version, the redmi Note2 undoubtedly has more advantages. The hardware configuration of the redmi Note2 basically maintains a high level of 1000-yuan machine, and the price of 799 yuan is also attractive.

Finally, the only standard to be able to verify whether the Note2 is a "hot style" model is the sales volume, so you can still consider this model, the price is acceptable, the configuration is enough.

Three dragon electronics (dongguan the godson photoelectric co., LTD., sichuan three dragon electronics co., LTD.) was established in August 2005, is a dedicated research and development, manufacturing, sales in the integration of modern private high-tech enterprises, the godson photoelectric 11 Tian Hengtai road is located in dongguan changan town, the company a total investment of RMB 50 million, the factory covers an area of about 30000 square meters, existing staff 3000 people, the company has injection molding department, SMT division, FPC division, back light group, the irrigation crystal group, TFT module division, SIN module division, The company adheres to and adheres to the principle of "providing high-quality products for customers and providing growth opportunities for employees; Operate in good faith and share interests; Customer first, service by heart.

The company has a brand new factory, equipped with clean clean and clean clean dustless workshop, equipped with central air conditioning and central acoustics; There are dining halls, convenience stores, basketball courts, table tennis and other entertainment facilities in the living area. The dormitory is equipped with air conditioning and water heater, which provides the greatest convenience 

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