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Who's to blame for leaking air conditioners?
Category: Company news
Date: 2015-08-31
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Author: 佚名
Air conditioning leaks is one of the most common failures that users encounter, and air conditioning users often have no response to air conditioning leaks, do not open, heat, open, air conditioning l...

Air conditioning leaks is one of the most common failures that users encounter, and air conditioning users often have no response to air conditioning leaks, do not open, heat, open, air conditioning leaks the home's walls and floors are blistering incomplete, why on earth air conditioning will leak?

Today, I would like to give you a brief introduction of why the improper installation of air conditioners will leak. Interested friends might as well come and see.

Water leakage is common in indoor air conditioners of hanging air conditioners. It is mainly caused by the following situations:

1. Unfirm installation of indoor machines leads to displacement: the fixed wall board of indoor machines is not fixed firmly, and the displacement occurs over a long period of time, leading to the high position of the drainage pipe leading to one side, resulting in difficulty in drainage.

2. Improper installation of the horizontal position of the indoor machine body: the horizontal position of the indoor machine is installed at an incline position, and the direction of the pipe junction is too high, which results in the obstruction of the outlet of condensation water.

3. Poor drainage pipes: due to the aging and relaxation of drainage pipes or the bending of them into a wavy shape, the drainage is not smooth.

4. Dewatering on the distribution pipe: due to the poor quality or too thin insulation material on the pipe line, or incomplete package, condensation occurs when the refrigerant in the pipe passes through.

5. The outdoor drain pipe is artificially blocked or the drain outlet is blocked by the stolen goods, causing the condensation water cannot be discharged.

6. Heat exchanger dripping:

1) serious failed to clean or filter, filter stolen goods damaged, or even not installed use, lead to the evaporator sticky dust caused hydrophilic aluminum foil hydrophilic, air conditioning refrigeration evaporator formation of dew can't timely drip into the sink in, but fell on the sink outside, water droplets will slowly drip into the interior of leakage from the pan.

2) insufficient freon in the air conditioning system causes the evaporator of the indoor machine to freeze, and the water droplets formed by the ice melt do not drip directly into the water pan.

3) some air conditioners are caused by their own manufacturing defects. For example, some evaporators have slight contact with the plastic shell, and water cannot flow into the sink at all, but flows down the plastic shell. It is not easy to find the point of failure without careful inspection. Solution: take off the plastic shell to see where there is water mark, wipe the corresponding position with cotton cloth, and use a flashlight to check carefully (turn off the light at night to see the best effect).

When the situation of the indoor machine is leaking, can according to the above several ways for self-checking, is one of the most common indoor machine horizontal position shift, carefully check whether position shift, line terminal is on the high side, if horizontal position deviation is too big, and repair warranty shall timely notify the after-sale service department. For those with strong hands-on ability, they can adjust themselves by:

One person pulls the bottom out of the indoor machine by hand and lifts it up as a whole until it is detached from the hook of the fixed hanging board. The other person checks the reason of air conditioning displacement. The second is whether the air conditioning fixed hook is deformed and saggy. General problems are mostly caused by the deformation and sagging of the hanging plate hook, which is adjusted and corrected by using hammer or hand tongs, and then wrapped with several plastic wire ropes on the hook according to the horizontal height, and then fixed the air conditioning body on the hook. After starting up and running for a period of time, check whether there is still water leakage.

The drainage pipeline of common indoor air conditioner is drawn from the right side, and the right side of indoor air conditioner is preferably lower, which can make dew-discharge more smoothly. If the pipe is drawn from the left side, the indoor unit should be kept as horizontal as possible.

In addition, because of the indoor machine fixed plate is too thin, or upper fixed not firm, will lead to fall down before the house, make water tank inside the water out of, this kind of circumstance should be in the upper part of the fixed plate steel nail nail up, make its upper closely contact with the wall, and try to get inside the machine below wall a little distance, also can be in contact with the wall under the air conditioning pad at the bottom of things, to make it consistent with the wall.

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