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Curved TV prices fell below ten thousand yuan
Category: Company news
Date: 2015-09-21
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Author: 佚名
This year the Mid-Autumn festival and the "11" double festival "hit a full heart" unintentionally, so that WeChat circle in all sorts of rest holiday "brilliant move" crazy spread. And more excited th...


This year the Mid-Autumn festival and the "11" double festival "hit a full heart" unintentionally, so that WeChat circle in all sorts of rest holiday "brilliant move" crazy spread. And more excited than the office workers is the home appliance store that grinds a knife hoot long ago, and the television that old and new alternates is big, become this time before the festival unquestionably the "pioneer that makes a teacher move numerous". Among them, the stylish curved TV only succeeded in "attacking" the flat screen in the peak competition with the flat-screen TV. And this month more take advantage of double section kill to arrive, put price 23 % greatly, miss ten thousand yuan pass. Of course, this product is also the favorite of middle-aged hipsters, it still has a long way to go to ordinary people's homes.

Curved TV only large - inch reverse - attack plate

Compared with the flat panel TV consumers are already familiar with, curved TV has been almost an outlier since it entered the market, and its price is very "delicate". Especially in terms of actual sales, does it become a supporting player in the market?

The ratio of samsung's curved surface to flat-screen TVS sold in August was 2:8, according to local fashion electronics chains. But for large-screen TVS that are more than 65 inches tall, curved TVS have been able to "reverse" flat-screen TVS, which account for more than 70 percent of total sales.

The reporter learns from dongguan guomei, from the market reaction aspect, curved surface TV still has the consumer group that has a special liking to it, after all it can bring brand-new experience in dimension and effect respect. According to zhang tong, manager of its publicity department, curved TV is still a new thing in the industry, just as LCD TV was born, consumers will have a gradual acceptance process.

"Curved TVS cost a lot more than flat-screen TVS and are still a niche product overall." Ding yi, director of marketing planning department of dongguan suning, told reporters that although curved TV currently has a small market share, it still has "a large space to rise".

The price has dropped below ten thousand yuan this month

It is understood that as early as the beginning of this month, a number of domestic curved surface TV brands collectively "released water", the price once pulled down to about 7000 yuan, mi TV 2S even put up the invoice "call the board" industry leaders. Curved TV, a popular samsung TV, has a 48-inch curved screen of just over 7,000 yuan.

The reporter visits the market to discover, the price of the beginning of the year ten thousand yuan about the samsung and TCL certain 55 inch curved surface TV, already lost ten thousand yuan mark. The head of the dongguan suning department also said that as the double section approached, the 55-inch samsung and hisense curved surface TV prices both fell, by about 20 to 30 percent. Compared with the flat-screen TV of the same inch segment, the price difference of about 4000 yuan is approaching gradually on the whole.

"Every time before the consumer season, the new and old TV will trigger a round of price fluctuation." Li tingting, head of the fashion and electrical services improvement project, said the drop in inventories varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, mostly around 30%, to individual brand models around 50%. Therefore, the price reduction of curved TV is basically reasonable, but compared with the same size and function of flat TV, the maximum price difference is still around 6,000 yuan. Gome also believes that it is an inevitable trend for curved TV to go from high-end to civilian. After all, "what suppliers need is sales volume and market share".

Big screen curved surface is the "true love" of middle-aged hipsters.

"As a new product, curved TV still needs to be recognized and recognized in the market." Ding yi, director of marketing planning department of dongguan suning, told reporters that at present, in terms of actual consumption, although the number of people questioned is relatively small, the buyers are mainly middle-aged groups with families, among which there are slightly more white-collar people. "With flat panel TV consumption is obviously different, curved TV is mostly concentrated in the big inch segment, the mainstream consumption price is roughly around ten thousand yuan."

Fashion electric appliance thinks, the biggest difference between curved TV and flat screen is, former visual Angle is bigger, more stereo feeling, pay special attention to 3D function and the big family that likes to watch movie, often inclined to choose curved TV; And there are economic strength of the new housing trend, this television is also special. According to sales statistics from the chain, large curved screens over 65 inches are the true love of hipsters, with prices ranging from 18,000 to 20,000 yuan.

At the entrance of the stores of the three major home appliance chains in urban areas, some of the young customers interviewed also said that they like the curved TV with a very fashionable appearance in their heart, but the more affordable flat-screen TV is the final order target.

TV prices are still expected to dip this holiday season

Dongguan suning: whether it is a 55-inch 4K TV with curved surface or flat panel, there will be a huge amount of legitimate film and television resources of PPTV. It is expected that the price of National Day will be further lowered during the golden week. At the same time, through the "low discount, high discount" series of activities, launched the holiday discount war.

Fashion electronics: following skyworth super brand day, we have launched a two-section super sale for half a month, including curved TV, which will provide consumers with extreme low prices. Dongguan gome: the upcoming double festival is a good time for color TV to push new and big promotion. It is expected that the overall price still has room for adjustment.

Three dragon electronics (dongguan the godson photoelectric co., LTD., sichuan three dragon electronics co., LTD.) was established in August 2005, is a dedicated research and development, manufacturing, sales in the integration of modern private high-tech enterprises, the godson photoelectric 11 Tian Hengtai road is located in dongguan changan town, the company a total investment of RMB 50 million, the factory covers an area of about 30000 square meters, existing staff 3000 people, the company has injection molding department, SMT division, FPC division, back light group, the irrigation crystal group, TFT module division, SIN module division, The company adheres to and adheres to the principle of "providing high-quality products for customers and providing growth opportunities for employees; Operate in good faith and share interests; Customer first, service by heart.

The company has a brand new factory, equipped with clean clean and clean clean dustless workshop, equipped with central air conditioning and central acoustics; There are dining halls, convenience stores, basketball courts, table tennis and other entertainment facilities in the living area. The dormitory is equipped with air conditioning and water heater, which provides the greatest convenience for employees' life.

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