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Internet TV collages "crab meat"
Category: Company news
Date: 2015-09-21
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Author: 佚名
After mobile phones, Internet geeks seem to be on TV again.Letv recently took advantage of the launch of the world's first eco-tv to announce that all six new products are priced below the cost of mas...


After mobile phones, Internet geeks seem to be on TV again.

Letv recently took advantage of the launch of the world's first eco-tv to announce that all six new products are priced below the cost of mass production.

Take a TV with a cost of 2048 yuan for one of the BOM models, which is priced at 1,699 yuan for the naked model. Before this, Letv super TV in the sale of products have been reduced by 500 yuan. In the words of Letv's new chief executive, liang jun, this is to "subsidise hardware through ecology".

Earlier, through its official weibo account, xiaomi TV announced that the price of the mi TV 2 had been lowered by 200 yuan in advance, making it the "National Day promotion".

There is also the popularity of Internet TV, which is expected to sell more than xiaomi and letv combined within three years.

And the recent explosion of microwhale TV, which is said to be one of the reasons for its high level of discussion, is that it is better looking and cheaper than xiaomi and letv.

The contract machines commonly used in mobile phone promotions are back on TV

Letv is the only one of them to put the price more bluntly -- no brand premium, no channel premium, no hardware profit, through the service subsidy hardware, users can choose the bare machine or membership contract machine.

"Eco-tv is not a TV, but an open, closed-loop, large-screen Internet ecosystem through vertical integration of the industrial chain and reconstruction of the cross-industrial value chain." The biggest pricing feature of eco-tv, Mr. Liang said, is that it is priced below the cost of mass production and subsidizes its partners through service, with the same price for the same product line online.

At the same time, as the user to provide purchase bare-metal or member contract machine choice, namely each purchase value of 490 yuan a year depending on the full screen video membership service, hardware straight down 300 yuan price, namely "one year membership contract machine hardware pricing = bare-metal price - 300 yuan", "N years member contract machine hardware pricing = bare-metal price - $300 * N", le see according to the size of each model bare-metal price define N, support hardware price $0. It is a common practice in the mobile phone industry and is still new in the television industry.

According to liang, the total sales of Letv ecology exceeded 1.78 billion yuan at the just concluded "September 19" black music fans' festival, of which the total sales of super TV exceeded 382 thousand yuan. The total sales volume of Letv super TV on that day exceeded that of Tmall "double 11" and jd.com "618" TV on that day.

It seems that lowering prices has a direct impact on sales. Moreover, the Letv also announced a change in the supply model from the old "snap up + pre-sale" model to the "spot + pre-sale" model, with the sales channel open for a long time. In other words, you'll never have to pay again for a month or two.

It's time to give up hungry marketing and grab crab meat

"Hunger marketing" has given Letv, xiaomi and other Internet companies a lot of sweet taste. Some have concluded that "hunger marketing" can succeed on three essential conditions: enough competitive price, enough attention and a large brand value added.

Today, letv has thrown away what was once a very effective "weapon", and while xiaomi has not spoken directly, the latest xiaomi 4C, which went on sale one day after its debut, has in fact given up on hunger marketing.

Why? In the first half of 2015, total global TV shipments totaled 101 million units, according to AVC oviven.com. By country and region, China shipped 23.41 million units, 72 percent of which were smartphones. Since 2012, the share of smart TVS has risen from 19 per cent to 72 per cent today, and it is predicted to reach 86 per cent in the second half of the year.

Xiaomi is good, Letv is good, what is the proportion of it? Letv sold 1.5 million units in 2014, according to the annual report, while xiaomi sold almost 300,000 units in 2014.

Although the "new rich" such as Letv and xiaomi enjoy a high reputation, the top three in the sales of smart TV in 2014 were hisense, TCL and skyworth. The sales volume of 8 million units of hisense alone surpassed that of Letv and xiaomi in several streets. Letv is aiming to sell 3 million units this year, although it sold 382, 000 units a day on Sept. 19, not every day.

The sales pressure is great, but the competition is more and more fierce. In the past, there were traditional manufacturers "blocking off". TCL formed an alliance with iQIYI, and skyworth joined ali. Since then, emerging brands have been rapidly catching up. New brands such as micro whale TV, kukai TV and 17TV have all released new products, each with its own highlights and good market response.

At this time, if continue hunger marketing, afraid is not to starve others, first hungry themselves faint.

In terms of sales data, Letv and xiaomi did not overturn the traditional pattern of the TV industry, but at least in terms of price, the subversion was completed. After the PC and the mobile phone, television became the third "war zone" in which "hardware was sold at a loss" almost from its birth.

Smart TV has made its way into the fray of traditional TV, and this time it's smart TV's turn. "We are not afraid of competition. We are not the first to eat crabs, but we will be able to eat crab meat," said li ruigang, chairman of the company.

Because Letv, millet has already eaten "crab shell" off, now see who can eat "crab meat".

Three dragon electronics (dongguan the godson photoelectric co., LTD., sichuan three dragon electronics co., LTD.) was established in August 2005, is a dedicated research and development, manufacturing, sales in the integration of modern private high-tech enterprises, the godson photoelectric 11 Tian Hengtai road is located in dongguan changan town, the company a total investment of RMB 50 million, the factory covers an area of about 30000 square meters, existing staff 3000 people, the company has injection molding department, SMT division, FPC division, back light group, the irrigation crystal group, TFT module division, SIN module division, The company adheres to and adheres to the principle of "providing high-quality products for customers and providing growth opportunities for employees; Operate in good faith and share interests; Customer first, service by heart.

The company has a brand new factory, equipped with clean clean and clean clean dustless workshop, equipped with central air conditioning and central acoustics; There are dining halls, convenience stores, basketball courts, table tennis and other entertainment facilities in the living area. The dormitory is equipped with air conditioning and water heater, which provides the greatest convenience for employees' life.

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