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The second Shanghai international lighting exhibition ended successfully
Category: Company news
Date: 2015-09-21
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Author: 佚名
On September 25, the second Shanghai international lighting exhibition, a 3-day lighting feast in eastern China, ended successfully in Shanghai new international expo center. This exhibition continues...


On September 25, the second Shanghai international lighting exhibition, a 3-day lighting feast in eastern China, ended successfully in Shanghai new international expo center. This exhibition continues to focus on east China engineering project and the business opportunity of green intelligent lighting, successfully gathering nearly 300 lighting exhibitors, the exhibition scale reaches 15,000 square meters.

The famous lighting enterprises appearing in this exhibition include foshan lighting, aihua group, huapunming, jicheng, hua-mei lighting, mingwei power supply, Oman technology, rennes, sozheng lighting, yuzhong gaohong, shengpu photoelectricity, fang dazheng, furi electronics, etc. All kinds of intelligent lighting products compete for glory in the exhibition, attracting tens of thousands of engineering and trade professionals to visit this smart lighting feast.

The exhibition will be held at the same time as Shanghai international intelligent building exhibition, Shanghai international heating, ventilation and air conditioning exhibition, Shanghai urban construction equipment and technology exhibition, and China international photoelectric building BBS & exhibition. It will exert synergistic effect and strive to build a one-stop intelligent green building exhibition platform.

The latest technology, products and projects at the exhibition have overwhelmed people, and a series of high-end seminars provided by the organizers have triggered a collision of ideas.

"Bbs-shanghai station of Aladdin Lighting 2015" -- Design summit, Design leaders such as Koert Vermeulen, founder of ACT Lighting Design, and zhang xin, professor of the school of architecture, tsinghua university, etc. "art of control" around the theme, combine various excellent cases to create a Lighting art Design feast of vision and hearing for the audience.

"2015" Aladdin lighting BBS - Shanghai - technology summit, by Taiwan university of science and technology department of electrical engineering professor langer, professor of fudan university institute of electric light source yan-dan Lin LED lighting technical experts on nowadays the hottest intelligent lighting and intelligent lighting wonderful speech, BBS has brought together hundreds of lighting industry elite to discuss the application of intelligent direction and the latest technology.

"2015" Aladdin lighting BBS - Shanghai - channel summit, a glorious, deputy general manager of market of lamps and lanterns XiaoXiaoHong Aladdin mall, general manager of the channel such as Yale elite after sharing channel under the age of the construction of a new type of business relationship, and with the present industry professionals to discuss the relationship between the business construction, mobile Internet era dealer channels construction and road light, such as hot topic.

"2015 shendeng awards results report meeting & Aladdin lighting engineering club starter", the report has presented the achievements of 2015 shendeng awards winners from multiple perspectives including technical level, design level, application level and user experience in the form of comments from professional judges one by one. The on-site comments are wonderful and attract a lot of people. Meanwhile, Aladdin lighting engineering club was also officially launched during this period.

Each event gathered a large number of audiences. It can be said that "where there is Aladdin, there are people who are angry", and the audience praised the activity in the same period like a tide, and they all expressed their harvest. Do you have an insight into the next big innovation in lighting?

In addition, organized by Aladdin mall "if you are the one - lighting the matching of supply and demand of supply chain will power (special)" invited many famous lamp bead and power supply enterprises, with many product in the match, the centralized purchasing mode to provide accessories products competitive price to buyers, won the attention of the participants and enthusiastic responses.

During the exhibition, WeChat events such as "100,000 cash red envelopes are distributed online and offline" and "WeChat coffee is readily available" carried out by the organizer in combination with new media, attracting a large number of fans and embracing the era of mobile Internet together.

Shanghai international lighting exhibition has always been at the top of the lighting industry, serving the development of the industry as its own responsibility, maximizing the benefits of exhibitors, and combining the 20 years' experience and huge resources of guangzhou international lighting exhibition, building the most professional lighting exhibition in east China, and making continuous leap towards higher and more effective exhibition quality.

In 2016, Shanghai international lighting exhibition is looking forward to meeting you again.

Three dragon electronics (dongguan the godson photoelectric co., LTD., sichuan three dragon electronics co., LTD.) was established in August 2005, is a dedicated research and development, manufacturing, sales in the integration of modern private high-tech enterprises, the godson photoelectric 11 Tian Hengtai road is located in dongguan changan town, the company a total investment of RMB 50 million, the factory covers an area of about 30000 square meters, existing staff 3000 people, the company has injection molding department, SMT division, FPC division, back light group, the irrigation crystal group, TFT module division, SIN module division, The company adheres to and adheres to the principle of "providing high-quality products for customers and providing growth opportunities for employees; Operate in good faith and share interests; Customer first, service by heart.

The company has a brand new factory, equipped with clean clean and clean clean dustless workshop, equipped with central air conditioning and central acoustics; There are dining halls, convenience stores, basketball courts, table tennis and other entertainment facilities in the living area. The dormitory is equipped with air conditioning and water heater, which provides the greatest convenience for employees' life.

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