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News Center

  • Lighting e-commerce channel development BBS

     August 31, the Shanghai municipal economic and information commission, China lighting association, the China electronic commerce association, Shanghai lighting electrical appliance industry associati...

  • General electric set up its digital division

    GE announced on Monday that IT would shift its software and IT functions to "GE Digital" and announced a broader management shake-up, including the imminent retirement of the head of its energy manage...

  • An industrial grade for components?

    More and more customers will ask, do you have good quality and industrial grade? At this point, let's have a deeper understanding of what is industrial grade:Military level working temperature of the ...

  • Haier, gree and midea all get rich

    Midea group, gree electric appliances and Qingdao haier, the domestic listing company of sanbaymax power co., handed in their first-half results this weekend. In the first half of the year, affected b...