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News Center

  • Microsoft will focus on mobile and the cloud

    On Sept. 29, bloomberg reported that Microsoft will begin to change its results from the next quarter, reducing its focus on reporting results from seven to three. The adjusted business architecture i...

  • The popular science! What about indoor lighting?

    How to choose indoor lighting? Is it warm or cool? Actually daily indoor lamplight, the majority of people won't place too much colorful lamplight colour, basically still color temperature difference....

  • Internet TV collages "crab meat"

    After mobile phones, Internet geeks seem to be on TV again.Letv recently took advantage of the launch of the world's first eco-tv to announce that all six new products are priced below the cost of mas...

  • Curved TV prices fell below ten thousand yuan

    This year the Mid-Autumn festival and the "11" double festival "hit a full heart" unintentionally, so that WeChat circle in all sorts of rest holiday "brilliant move" crazy spread. And more excited th...

  • LED medical lighting has a promising future

    An age of imagination, more of a era of the pursuit of quality, in the era of science and technology support is getting stronger and stronger, to the quality of life, health and safety degree increasi...

  • China has built Asia's largest LED screen

    Everyone is familiar with outdoor LED screens. As one of the most intuitive advertising promotion methods, it can be seen everywhere in the world trade center, New York times square and water cube. No...